The Challenge: Users need to learn vocabulary and terminology on the go.

The Solution: Flashcards that go where you go.

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Competitive Analysis

By analyzing three app competitors, I was able to determine which features were absolutely necessary, would be nice to have, and were currently missing from the market.

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User Interviews

Interviewing users gave me insight into some real-world uses I hadn’t anticipated. My interviews also gave me ideas for features that I hadn’t previously and weren’t part of the project brief.

Proto Persona

My user persona, Brittany, allowed me to focus on creating the app to satisfy one user that encompassed the needs and desires of all users, based on my research. Creating an empathy map was another research method that allowed me insight into the user while I designed.

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By hand-drawing all of my screens, I saved myself time and was able to iterate more quickly. While the paper soon piled up (which I recycled, don’t worry!), the freedom to erase and start over easily was invaluable.

Feedback and Polishing

After each round of design, I solicited feedback. Through a series of user interviews and observations, I notated the pain points and highlights and tweaked my design accordingly.